Power Generation

Keep the equipment running and electricity flowing.

Whether you’re providing base load or supplementing peak demand, your equipment has to be running or ready to run at all times. We can help. We understand today’s power markets and can provide industrial lubricants to help you optimize plant efficiency and uptime.

Protection across your operation

Chevron has developed specialized knowledge, outstanding products and tailored programs to cover a wide range of applications for combined-cycle power plants.

Power Generation Lubricants

Meeting the most demanding OEM standards

Throughout the power generation industry, OEMs are driving technological advancement. We are advancing our products right in step. Chevron industrial lubricants meet or exceed the most stringent standards from leading OEMs.

Making lubrication a key component in plant design

Coal plant retirements are ushering in a new era of modern natural gas-fired power plant construction. We are getting involved in the front-end engineering and design (FEED) of these plants to help owners build a total lubrication solution into the plans. Our customers are seeing that when they make lubrication part of the plan, they can design plants for optimal efficiency, productivity and performance.