About the Industrial Performance Group

Our specialists combine focused expertise, premium lubricants and tailored programs to help you minimize downtime and boost productivity. We develop smart lubrication solutions that help you address specific challenges, so your operation can Run Better Longer.

Industrial Performance Groups includes you. 

 We are a team working together to optimize every application. We collaborate to implement smart lubrication
solutions that address your specific challenges, so your equipment and operation can
Run Better Longer.


Improve your operation. Then improve it more.

Industrial Performance Group experts utilize a proven process and advanced software tools to assess your operation and your lubrication and maintenance practices. We identify opportunities for perforance improvements and cost savings and help you institute the best possible lubrication solution for your operation. But we don’t stop there.

We know your industry and operation are always changing, and we help you stay nimble and adapt. We watch trends, work with OEMs and innovate industrial lubricants to meet new operational challenges. We team up with you to monitor performance, verify results, reassess lubrication practices and make continuous improvements. Optimal productivity is always the ultimate goal, but it has no finish line. We are with you now, and we can provide business support to help your success for years to come.


Our performance specialists continuously develop detailed white papers, technical bulletins, data sheets and other resources that can give you expert insight to industry challenges and advanced lubrication solutions.


Chevron industrial lubricants are formulated to meet or exceed OEM standards and provide the protection you need to get optimum performance and maximum life out of your equipment in today’s toughest operating environments.


Internal contaminants are the main culprits that shorten oil life and cause equipment failures. We help you fight back with special programs that allow you to establish and maintain the highest lubricant purity levels in your systems.