Hydraulic Oils

Take on today’s most demanding conditions.

Modern hydraulic systems are designed to be more powerful and efficient. They’re also tougher to lubricate. Chevron answers the challenge with hydraulic oils that perform in the harshest conditions, to help you meet or even extend the expected life of your equipment.

The Ultimate Guide to Oil Contamination

Learn a better way to reduce oil contamination that can improve your component life and profitability.

Our Hydraulic Oil Products

Chevron offers top-tier products in a variety of ISO grades for a broad range of
turbine sizes, frame weights, operating demands and applications.

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Hydraulic oils specifications

We formulate our hydraulic oils to meet or exceed the most stringent OEM specifications. We regularly work with some original equipment manufacturers to develop lubricants that meet these specifications.

Reduce reject rates in plastic molding operations

Chevron hydraulic oils help prevent the varnish and particulate buildup that can cause valves to stick and plastic molds to be improperly formed.