Turbine Oils

Performance when you absolutely have to have it.

Operating environments are hot, harsh and remote. Turbine metallurgy is being severely tested. Startup times are shrinking. And uptime is a must. Chevron turbine oils help you meet these challenges head on, so your equipment runs and your operation thrives.

Our Turbine Oil Products

Chevron offers top-tier products in a variety of ISO grades for a broad range of
turbine sizes, frame weights, operating demands and applications.

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Turbine oils specifications

Turbine technology is advancing at a rapid pace. We work regularly with some original equipment manufacturers to develop lubricants to ensure we are advancing our products right in step.

Making lubrication a key component in plant design

Coal plant retirements are ushering in a new era of modern natural gas-fired power plant construction. We are getting involved in the front-end engineering and design (FEED) of these plants to help owners build a total lubrication solution into the plans. Our customers are seeing that when they make lubrication part of the plan, they can design plants for optimal efficiency, productivity and performance.